B0ll0x - post jam WIP - Soon on your browser

After the jam that inspired b0ll0x, I kept working on it to implement the features that I couldn't add during the jam for various reasons (jam restrictions, sleep deprivation, lack of time...).

 This is what I've got in two weeks (1-2 hours a night):

  • Menu - My first menu ever, was very tedious to make but fairly easy. It's basic but it works!
  • Gamepad support - 100% happy with it.
  • Chrono - New game mode. You select any track and run over and over until you get the best time you can. Top 3 times are stored.
  • Pratice - New game mode. Select any track and just learn how to master the game.

Other minor things:

  • Keyboard controls: Switched to arrow keys left and right instead of up and down.
  • A very very tiny graphic effect to add the "early arcade vibe" (I do it in every game).
  • In the main game mode (now called "one go"), after you complete all the tracks a total run time is displayed, also partials for every track. I'm going to add a top 3 list as well.
  • A few new tracks... I think I need a ton more...

The last feature I need to implement is a "enter your name" screen, a necessity for the top 3 tables (in the picture there is a ugly "array" place holder). This is going to be the focus of this week. And of course is going to be in "old arcade style".

So, my guess is I'm going to upload the new version the next sunday.

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